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2' x 2' Barn Quilt 
$100 + Shipping
4' x 4' Barn Quilt
$212 + Shipping
8' x 8' Barn Quilt
w/painted border
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All Heritage Barn Quilts are  made with 1/2" medium density overlay panel (mdo).  MDO is made for sign builders and we feel it is the best product out there to assure your barn quilt lasts as long as possible. The barn quilt  is  created with your chosen pattern and painted with four or more coats of exterior latex paint. Our barn quilts are unique, as we also offer them with a cedar frame in your choice of color. This finishes off the barn quilt,  protects the edges and makes it look just like a piece of art. This also helps with the ease of hanging your barn quilt. 

Choose your size, pattern and colors and you will be on your way to owning your own beautiful barn quilt. 

With Painted Cedar  Frame
Additional $20

Includes wood screws and touch-up paint.

With Painted Cedar Frame
Additional $35

​Includes stainless steel mounting hardware and touch-up paint.

$450 + Freight 
(pick up available)

Made with two 4'x8' mdo panels

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Once you have chosen your quilt pattern and quilt colors from the Quilt Pattern Gallery page, please fill out the following order form and click the submit button at the bottom of the form.  Please use the comments box to explain where to place your color choices. If you  have a question, please feel free to fill out the form as well.

When your order is received, we will send you an email with a sample image of your chosen pattern and colors for review. An invoice will also be sent to your email address with payment options listed below. We will also accept a personal check or money order.

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Frame or Border Color
Gift Certificates Available
3' x 5' "God Bless America" Flag
Available in other sizes
Price - $265 + shipping
With Painted Cedar Frame 
Additional $30

Includes stainless steel mountaing hardware and touch-up paint.

** 3' x 3'  and 6' x 6' also available **
​Frame or Border Choice