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Heritage Barn Quilt Patterns
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01 Martha Washington  

This pattern honored our First Lady and was published in the Farmer's Wife in 1926.
02 Summer Star Flower
03 Ohio Star

The Ohio Star is one of the oldest patchwork patterns. Example have been found on English quilts prior to American colonization. Settlers moving along the Ohio River into the Northwest Territory called the pattern Ohio Star in honor of the shining hope the new land brought to them.
04 Father's Choice
05 Churn Dash

You might also know this pattern as Monkey Wrench, Old Mill, Hole in the Barn Door, Indian Hammer, or Quail's Nest.
06 Clay's Choice

This quilt block was most likely named for Henry Clay, a 19th-century patriot and politician who founded the Whig party. Other names for this pattern include Clay's Star, Clay's Favorite, Henry of the West, and Harry's Star.
07 Honeybee

The Honeybee was first published in the Kansas City Star in 1929.
08 LeMoyne Star

The LeMoyne Star is most likely named for the French-Canadian explorer, Pierre LeMoyne. Many cities in American now also bear his name. He and his brother, Jean-Baptiste LeMoyne shaped the culture of many cities along the Southern coast.
09 HIdden Star
10 Rooster
11 Basket

Basket patterns bring back memories of beautiful gardens and hopes of a bountiful harvest.
12 King's Crown
13 Merry Kite
14 A Rosette of Points
15 Weathervane Pinwheel
16 Jim Dandy
17 Kansas Star
18 Sacramento
19 Starry Cross
20 Unknown Star
21 Rolling Stone
22 Lori's Star
23 Chisholm Trail
24 Star Four Patch
25 LeMoyne Star on Circle
26 Sunburst Star
27 Dove at the Window

This pattern was published in Mrs. Danner's Quilts, Book 1, in 1934.
28 Tulip Lady Finger
29 Garden of Eden
30 Weathervane
31 Rolling Star
32 Shoo-Fly

The Shoo-Fly pattern is often found in quilts of the Amish regions of the upper Midwest. The name most likely comes from shoo-fly pie, a sweet traditional dessert of the Pennsylvania Dutch.
33 Goose Tracks
34 Tea Leaf
35 Squares and Stars
36 Mexican Star
37 Eastern Star
38 Pinwheel
39 Sun Star
40 Spinning Pinwheel
41 Snowflake
42 Stars and Stripes
43 Log Cabin
44 Iowa Star
45 Four Winds
46 Morning Star
47 Autumn Leaves
48 Eight Pointed Star
49 Quarter Folds
50 Harvest Star 1
51 Harvest Star 2
52 Harvest Star 3
53 Harvest Star 4
54 Harvest Star 5
55 Moravian Star 
Red White Blue
56 Mariner's Compass 
Black Yellow Green
57 Mariner's Compass
Red Black Yellow Green
58 Mariner's Compass
White Red Yellow Green
59 Flag
60 Henry's Star 1
61 Henry's Star 2
62 Henry's Star 3
63 Henry's Star 4
64 Star #13
65 Star #15
66 Star #18
67 Wolverine Star
68 Crossed Canoes
69 Cross
70 Stars & Bars
Light Blue
  • Choose 2 to 5 colors per quilt pattern.
  • Colors may vary slightly from colors pictured below. Other color choices available. Custom colors can be requested.
Heritage Barn Quilt Colors